Real Name:                                                                                Kanako Urai

Nick Name:                                                           Asuka, The Empress of Tomorrow

Profession:                                                                                   Wrestler

Nationality:                                                                                  Japanese

Height:                                                                                 5 Feet 6 inch (1.68 m)

Weight:                                                                                      54 Kg (118 lbs)

Birth Date:                                                                                    02-09-1981

Age:                                                                                                 38 Years

Birth Place:                                                                                  Oska, Japan

Zodiac Sign:                                                                                       Libra

Address:                                                                                     Osaka, Japan

Asuka Early Life

Kanako Urai is a Japanese professional wrestler with lots of Titles and accomplishments under her belt along with a background in figure and badminton skating. While working as a graphic designer, wrestlers such as Keiji Mutoh, 

Minoru Suzuki motivated her to take up wrestling as a career. She surfaced in 2004 on all-female marketing AtoZ against Leo-na and coached under Yuki Ishikawa. Chronic nephritis kept her but she came back in 2007 working as a freelance wrestler for promotions.


Asuka Professional Life

She starts her wrestling career in 2004. Meanwhile, she took the retirement due to some health difficulties that were chronic. September 2007, but she gives a comeback on 22nd. She began as freelancer promoters like JWP, Ice Ribbon, Neo Japan Women Champion, Professional wrestling, and a lot more. Asuka awakened with Takahashi, and she conquered Hiroyo Matsumoto on 10thOctober 2009. She gave the Neo tag team Championship; She’s the Kana’s first wrestling title. Asuka for two months held the name.

She Made her appearance for pro wrestling wave in 2008. Auska began the Advertising until the end. She conquered Ayumi  Kurihara from the finals in 2011. Auska defeated Toshie Uematsu on October 30th, Ran Yu Yu. A special was made by auska Appearance on October 5th, 2014 for Japan pro wrestling. She has the team using Mika Lida.

On July 2015, 8th, She supplies her debut. On June 2010, the game was dropped by her from Syuri at the event of crush 4. Auska have taken part in American separate circuit 2011-2014. She returned to shimmer on 27thOctober 2012.


Finally, Alaska has also taken part in wrestling classic on 5thApril 2012. She started Working since August 2014. Reina  Joshi Puroresu as a storyline consultant. She and her partner become the winner of this game on 20th November that they Defeated Syuri and Lin Byron . Auska won NXT championship She is currently doing 11 episode of Raw.

After A number of vignettes in A month later, on October 22, at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Asuka Defeated her older rival Emma ring debut, On November 19 at Survivor Series, Asuka represented in — in her lastly, the only survivor Eliminating Natalya and Tamina. During the next few months, Asuka continued her series by Brooke (whom she conquered three seconds, Setting a brand new WWE record for the fastest submission win in a women’s match), Alicia Raw and fox Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss at a non–title match.

Superstar Auska Dating / Married Life

Asuka Dating life has been speculated her well-wishers. They often wonder whether she’s available to mingle at any boyfriend. But Asuka hasn’t dated any boyfriend until know which means Asuka is single. She pursuing dream and her career and has committed her entire life.

So the about dating any boyfriend, celebrity is focusing on becoming the best in her area rather than to think. Until today, Asuka has not sparked scandal or rumour.

Since the Asuka, lady hasn’t shared her vows having a husband nonetheless. Yes, you Discovered it right! Talented and lively, WWE star has not lived the blissful Life with a husband. She has devoted her life Loves the most and has any interest in marriage and a lifetime partner. It will Be an interesting topic? And when will she Give birth?


Becky Lynch, Asuka & the top 10 female WWE Superstars in 2018

#4 Asuka

Asuka began since the Royal Rumble winner of the women and ends it since the champion of the Smack Down Women. She had some months May to October but it has still been another fantastic year for one of the most fascinating characters of WWE.

Height And Weight

Being a wrestler and a successful one at that, Asuka looks fit to take up any opponent and with her height of 5 Ft 3 inches, and body weight of 62 kg she has been able to square up to many other female wrestlers and come out of duels with victories repeatedly

Net worth

On the other hand, Last year the firm shattered the incident record of her earning that was approx. Her international earning is web $169.8 million, with an overall increase. She has the 8 billion views on channels. On her YouTube station, Asuka is currently after the sports brand in fact. She performed from Japan, and she is an active wrestler at Raw. She was also NXT’s part.


Quick Facts

1 –  Asuka is also identified with some of these Ring names Kana, Kana-hime Reaper Kana.

2 –  Championships: Ironman Heavy metal weight Championship, JWP Open weight Championship (1 time), Kuzu Guru Diva Championship (1 period ), NEO Tag Team Championship (1 time), Wave Tag Team Championship (2 times), Reina World Tag Team Championship (1 time), Smash Diva Championship (2 times), NXT Women’s Championship (1 period ).

3 –  Her ring name Asuka was originated from Two word’s’ (fly) and ‘ka’ (bird) meaning to be on a higher plane.

4 –  Asuka possesses a hair salon in Yokohama Japan Known as ‘Another Heaven’ which caters to people seeking ‘alternative Styles’ in their own hair pattern.

5 –  She loves music and her favourite group is Gun N Roses.


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