Emily Browning

Emily Browning
Emily Browning

Emily Browning Quick Info

Name: Emily Jane Browning
Other name: Emily Browning, Em
Born: 7 December 1988
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Education: Eltham High School
Profession: Actress, Model, Singer
Citizenship: Australian
Language: English


  • Father: Andrew Browning
  • Mother: Shelley Browning

Emily is a gifted young performer from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She’s been acting for more than ten years.

Emily Browing first arrived Onscreen as a kid celebrity. Her first picture was Echo of Thunder. She has since acted in lots of movies. Emily Browning turned down the offer to play with Bella Swan at Twilight. This was a enormous decision to make. She also played the part of a troubled girl. Emily Browings breakthrough tole arrived in Sucker Punch. She played with the main character Baby Doll. She staged in the movie. Emily literally seemed like a shot in Sucker Punch. Sleeping Beauty is a Australian sensual drama. She also played the lead part in the movie. Emily Browning’s acting were commended by the critics. She seemed really innocent at the movie. She practically revealed no emotions from the movie. Since that time she’s steadily worked in movies.

Emily Browning is a gorgeous celebrity. She’s An innocent encounter. Her grin is actually cute. She had been the best candidate for Baby Doll at Sucker Punch. She explained in and interview of Sleeping Beauty,”Actually Studying the screenplay, it made me feel uneasy. But this was something That brought me to it. I would prefer to polarise an audience instead of Making a fun movie everyone feels ambivalent about.”

Emily Browning ​Personal Life

The Australian star is solitary. For some time, Emily Browning needed Relationships with all the English actor and version, Max Irons. Emily and Max reported the motive was busy working schedules and continuous shooting in various nations.

Emily Browning includes a tight shooting schedule, And the majority of the photographs are dedicated to new jobs or social occasions on the Celebrity’s official Instagram page.

Emily Browning Scandal News

1. Emily Browning STRIPS OFF for steamy topless bath scene1.

Emily exposed her nipples at the racy scene, which Found the pair Get near as she attempts to reignite the fire with himhaving returned from the deceased.

Together with her body Decked out by the autopsy, she can be seen stepping outside of the tub, where she put to warm up if her husband needed to touch her again.
The very first time since her passing, a glow emanating from her chest.

Emily Browning
Emily Browning

2. Australian Celebs Emily Browning Included in the Nude Photo-Hacking Scandal:

Some Australian Actors Also Have been victimised by the 4Chan Hacker who published nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence. Gabi Grecko, Teresa Palmer, Emily Browning and Yvonne Strahovski are one of the dozens of female celebrities whose personal information are breached by the unidentified hacker.

Her rep confirmed the authenticity of the pictures.

“That is a flagrant breach of privacy. The police have Been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts stolen photographs of Jennifer Lawrence,” the actress‘ spokesperson said in an announcement to BuzzFeed.

A massive Celebrity-hacking plot was discovered earlier this week following an anonymous user in the imageboard site bragged about obtaining nude videos and photos of dozens of female stars. The user posted screenshots of their desktopcomputer, showing folders of actors’ pictures.

Lawrence Unquestionable bears the brunt of this scandal as her naked photographs are the most common and talked about on line.

3. Emily Browning on being naked in erotic thriller Sleeping Beauty and going nude again

Everyone keeps talking about how Insecure it Had Been,” States the 22-year-old Browning, that spends a great deal of her time at Sleeping Beauty mimicking a drug-induced stupor while her nude body has been pawed over by wealthy old guys.

“However I didn’t see exactly what the possible danger was except individuals not needing to throw me in a kids’ movie anytime soon. And that is not the route I’m wanting take right now.”

Browning Started acting in the Hallmark Channel film The Echo Of Thunder, that was captured in Victoria.

“I Have done much children’s tv, and played quite young in a lot of movies, I was prepared to undertake an adult function, I guess,” she states.

So Browning decided to trace Zack Snyder’s contentious all-girl action dream Sucker Punch, where her personality kicked ass in a schoolgirl Outfit, together with Sleeping

Emily Browning
Emily Browning


  • 1998 – The Echo of Thunder
  • 2000 – Thunderstone
  • 2001 – The Man Who Sued God
  • 2001 – Blonde
  • 2002 – Ghost Ship
  • 2003 – Ned Kelly
  • 2003 – After the Deluge
  • 2004 – Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • 2009 – The Uninvited
  • 2011 – Sucker Punch
  • 2011 – Sleeping Beauty
  • 2013 – Magic Magic
  • 2013 – The Host
  • 2014 – God Help the Girl
  • 2015 – Legend
  • 2017 – American Gods
  • 2018 – Golden Exits

Emily Browning's Net Worth

Emily Browning has an estimated net worth of $8 million bucks. Browning appeared in many hit films that created an impressive collection in the box office. A number of her hit films are



Box Office Collection

IMDB Rating



Ghost Ship (2002)

$20 million

$68.3 million



Darkness Falls (2003)

$11 million

$47.5 million



Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events  (2004)

$140 million

$209.1 million




The Host (2013)

$40 million

$63.3 million




Pompeii (2014)

$80 million

$117.8 million



Hiden Facts

1.  Produced her acting debut at 10 at the Hallmark TV movie The Echo of All Thunder.
2.  Turned into a 2007 ambassador in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which boosts the Australian fashion industry.

3.  Was writer Stephenie Meyer’s first pick to play Bella Swan in The first Twilight movie. Surrounding You”

4.  Replaced Amanda Seyfried at Sucker Punch and Mia Wasikowska in Sleeping Beauty (both because of scheduling conflicts).
5.  Sings about the soundtracks for a Lot of her movies, such as Sucker

  • 2003, Australian Film Institute Awards — Young Actor Award: Nominee
  • 2005, Australian Film Institute Awards — International Award for Best Actress: Winner
  • 2005, Critics’ Choice Awards — Best Young Actress: Nominee
  • 2002, Australian Film Institute Awards — Young Actor Award: Winner
Emily Browning


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